We at Seasons Coffee are a team of individuals, coming from the fields of specialty coffee and social media. Our passion is to roast the world's finest specialty coffees to perfection, and deliver them to your doorstep one fresh pound at a time. 

At Seasons, we embrace the specialty coffee lifestyle. You wake up with it, take it anywhere with you throughout your day, and sometimes it's the last thing you think about before you fall asleep at night. Our product changes with the year's seasons. Every quarter, or season, we curate the best, freshest crop of coffee that we can find. Each season also offers appropriately themed goodies, such as t-shirts for summer or hoodies for winter. We love to collaborate with different folks that share our same overall vision. We have some really amazing mashups with great brands that are being finalized and shipped to us as you read this.

Our coffees are packaged in 1 lb bags, and are available via subscription or one-time buy. With a subscription, you have the option of our 1 lb bag every week, every two weeks, or every month.

Once you subscribe to our coffee, you have the option of either ordering a house blend or a single farm origin. If you want that same cup of trusty coffee every morning, we got you covered with any of our four house blends, Piccolo, Golden State, Joyride, or Slate. If you want to take your pallet on an adventure, we will bring you rotating single origin roasts. With the rotating single origin subscription, you will be able to enjoy the coffees from the finest farms our world has to offer. On one shipment you can enjoy fruity overtones from Ethiopia, and on the next you taste the chocolatey, tobacco aromas from Sumatra. The choice is yours, and our website allows you to change your preferences at any time.

By now, you've probably seen our hashtags. #seasonscoffee is us, of course. #seasons365 is also our Twitter handle; this is the fastest way to reach us for anything and everything, literally every day. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about anything Seasons related, a tweet will give all of our phones buzz. 

#seasonsvibe is our way of showing you the coffee lifestyle; we'll use this hashtag to feature coffee recipes, the music we are listening to while roasting your coffee, or simply what we're doing while enjoying our coffee. 

#howiseasons is the most important of our hashtags, as it is your way of showing us how you enjoy Seasons Coffee. Whether you're hiking while wearing our signature hat, or simply enjoying a cup on a foggy morning, we love to see people enjoying our product we love so much!

Seasons Coffee is here to serve you, however you like. We're here 365.