We moved into our space on 19th Street at the beginning of February, and we are happy with everything. We are just half a block off of Q Street in midtown, which means there are fairly easy ins and outs, and traffic is manageable.

W're also right between two excellent businesses. To one side is Fort Sutter Automotive, an auto repair shop that has been established for over 40 years, and for good reason. All you gotta do is read the comments on their KCRA A-List page to know how much the community appreciates them. To our other side is Preservation & Co, a budding business that specializes in pickling and has some legendary Bloody Mary Mixes. Last but most definitely not least, we are just around the corner from Pour House. $2 Train Shots anyone?

We found the neighborhood we were looking for to grow our business, and just two months after we started our lease, we learned a midtown based firm, Quadriga Landscape Architecture & Planning, has drafted a project to turn the empty lot across the street into a dog park

This blog is called The Petrichor, where we will write about anything and everything that has to do with coffee, as well as a jumble of other things from recipes to music to local events we're excited about. But before we do all of that, we want to say that this dog park looks and sounds wonderful, and the only guys who would enjoy it more than us are our dogs.

Consider this an official declaration of support for a midtown dog park, signed by the Seasons staff, and Higgins & Rocky.