The number one question we get at Seasons Coffee is where you can go to buy our cold brew that everybody has been buzzing about. So, we decided to put it all together for you on this growing list! Thanks for all of your support and be sure to tag #howiseasons!

1. Preservation and Co.


Preservation and Co was the first place to pick up our beloved Bold Crew, and we'll be forever grateful for it! "Prez" is most known for their legendary Bloody Mary Mix and scrumptious pickles that you can find all over the United States. Their quaint grocery store is open Thursday through Sunday, located at 1717 19th Street!

2. Onespeed Pizza

Onespeed Pizza keeps it classy by serving your Bold Crew with adorable cream and sugar pitchers, it's seriously the cutest. The real reason you should be going though is for their seasonal pizzas that continue to amaze each and every day.

Major Key: Check the chalkboard when you walk in, their pizza of the day is always good like grandma's cookies

3. Curtis Park Market

If you're on a walk with your sweetheart, then you should probably swing by Curtis Park Market on 24th just south of Broadway, because they sell their Bold Crews at 2 for $5, which is one of the best deals in town! Their craft beer selection is pretty much the greatest thing; it's hard to go there and not find the beer you're looking for. 

4. Cookies & Milk

Cookies & Milk is one of Sacramento's most beloved luxuries. If you live in Sacramento, you can have a dozen cookies brought to your door between 7 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. and they'll be nice and warm when you take your first bite. Add a Bold Crew to your order for a just a few bucks more and you can line up your morning coffee, easy peasy. It's the tastiest way to spend your weekend, hands down.

5. The Rind

Do you like beer? Do you like wine? Do you like cheese? That's right, you love all three.

Pound-for-pound, The Rind does more with their tiny kitchen on L Street than any other spot in town. Located in the heart of the Handle District, everything from their cheese boards to their prosciutto grilled cheese is devine, and their cheese and wine selections are forever rotating. You should head there time and time again, and snag a Bold Crew when you’re in for lunch and want to finish the rest of your workday strong.

6. The Seasons Warehouse: The Extraplate App

We spend our days in our warehouse roasting, packing and shipping coffee all over the country. Now thanks to Sacramento's own ExtraPlate App. Download the app and pick up a 4, 8 or 12 pack of Bold Crew from our warehouse. We turn on the app to accept orders whenever we can, so keep an eye open and download today to gain access to tons of meals provided by some of Sacramento's finest chefs

7. Elliott's Natural Foods

Simply put, Elliot's is legit. Their team truly knows their stuff. They have been a terrific source for advice on natural and preventative approaches to bettering your health and wellness, and they have been proudly running their business in Sacramento since 1952. Hit up their grab and go fridge to your left when you walk in; you won't regret it!

8. In The Comfort of your Very Own Home

We still proudly deliver Bold Crew to doorsteps every single Monday of the year. You can order 8 or 12 bottles every week, or 12 bottles every other week. We'll make sure your morning routine can kick off just right after you crack open one of these 8oz bottles of sweet nectar. Click here to Join The Crew!