We hope you're washing your hands with soap every day, whether you're buying our Sudz by Studz Coffee Soap or not. However, we promise we can make the chore far more enjoyable and especially healthier for your hands and skin.

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When you head into your favorite coffee shop then you'll see your barista knock the grounds from your espresso into what's called a knock box, in order to clear the portafilter for the next order. Our Sudz by Studz Coffee Ground Soap Bars utilizes those spent grounds by drying them out and using them as an exfoliate in our artisan coffee soap, thus turning waste into squeaky cleanliness! They also feature lovely scents of vanilla and citrus.

Our Sudz by Studz Coffee Camo Soap feels as good as it looks. It features rosehip powder, brewed Seasons Coffee and activated charcoal. Now you smarty-pants out there may be wondering about the benefits of activated charcoal, considering it is an element that your body cannot metabolize, adsorb, or absorb. Interestingly enough, activated charcoal draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals and other micro-particles to the surface of your skin. This means you could use it to help disinfect a wound or treat a poisonous bite! Activated charcoal powder absorbs thousands of times its own mass in harmful substances, making it a popular ingredient in facial masks or when combatting acne. 

Both of these soaps are top-of-the-line offerings, crafted by experts.